Last week I had my feasibility demonstration with Ian. The goal was to show the preliminary research I’ve been doing since September. Since we were supposed to show a finite number of “artefacts”, I picked:

  • A demo of image transmission through radio, from an Arduino, using the interrupt-based code I’d developed in week 7. Not much discussion there apart from the difficulty of working with a 50 bauds connection.

  • A proof that bytes can be intercepted from the decoded RTTY stream in dl-fldigi (code from week 9). We discussed the alternatives to printing hex values (sockets seem like the best way to go about sending the byte stream to another piece of software), and the crashes due to the old GUI system used by dl-fldigi (timer conflict, it would seem).

  • Diagrams of the preliminary packet and frame format from last week and of the flight software architecture.

  • Pictures of the hardware used for development (Arduino Uno, radio transmitter and the associated circuitry).

The four artefacts are available in the demonstration’s GitHub repository.